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Tami Oldham: What's it like sailing out there on your own?
Richard Sharp: Miserable.

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Lou Clark: I don't do much, okay. I go to work and I go to home and that's it.
Will Traynor: Wow, your life is even duller than mine.

Will Traynor: You're insane. Your whole family is insane. And you're a godawful singer. I hope your dad was better.
Lou Clark: I think, what you mean to say is "thank you, Miss Clark, for attempting to entertain me."

Camilla Traynor: Well... This is Louisa Clark. Nathan will talk you through his equipment.
Will Traynor: I'm here, Mother. You don't have to talk across me. My brain isn't paralyzed. Yet.

Will Traynor: You don't get it Clark. I want to be in Paris as me. The old me. With pretty French girls giving me the eye.
Lou Clark: Could be something to look forward to.
Will Traynor: If I shut my eyes now, I know exactly how it feels to be in that little square. I remember every sensation. I don't want those memories erased by the stuggle to fit behind a table, the taxi drivers who refuse to take me, and my wheelchair power pack that won't charge in a French socket.

Lou Clark: What do you usually do?
Will Traynor: I don't do anything Miss. Clarke, I sit and just about exist.

Will Traynor: First kiss I ever had was on that rampart.
Lou Clark: Probably didn't hurt that you owned the castle.
Will Traynor: Ah, maybe I should've told her. She dumped me a week later for a boy who worked at a local shop.

Will Traynor: You are pretty much the only thing that makes me wanna get up in the morning.

Will Traynor: Interesting choice of footwear.
Lou Clark: Patrick says they make me look like a leprechaun drag queen.
Will Traynor: He was being nice.

Will Traynor: You look like a madwoman. An oddly cheerful madwoman.

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Philip: The only women allowed in the house were the dogs.

Rachel: She died on her wedding night.
Philip: God, of what?
Rachel: Of shock... I think.

Philip: Yesterday, you seemed all down in the dumps.
Louise: I'm amazed you noticed.
Philip: We all did. I'm surprised the Pascoe girls didn't remark on it.
Louise: Well, the Pascoe girls were probably far to busy remarking on something else.
Philip: What?
Louise: How easy it must be for a woman like your cousin Rachel to twist you around her little finger.

Philip: I believe in nothing of what you've told me. I believe had I been here my cousin would still be alive. And I believe, whatever it cost him, in pain and suffering before he died, I will return with full measure upon a woman that caused it.

Louise: Philip, inquiries were made. My father.
Philip: What inquiries?
Louise: In matters of the heart, it seems that Enrico Rainaldi is more Greek than he is Italian... He likes boys, Philip.

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Harry Villiers: So we're at the top university in the world.
Alistair Ryle: Arguably.

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Catrin Cole: Anything else?
Tom Buckley: Since you're so keen to flex your femininity, you can tidy up.

Tom Buckley: Film, Mrs Cole. Real life with the boring bits cut out. Don't confuse facts with truth, and, for Christ's sake, don't let either of them get in the way of the story.

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