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Quotes from Brenda Blethyn movies and TV shows

Mari Hoff: Ah, your not the famous phone bill, are ya?

Mari Hoff: What's up with you lots, never had a shag in a Chevy?

Mari Hoff: Come on, knock out a bit, make way for a woman in lust.

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Mrs. Bennet: Oh, my goodness. Everybody behave naturally.

Mrs. Bennet: But she doesn't like him. I thought she didn't like him.
Jane Bennet: So did I, so did we all. We must have been wrong.
Mrs. Bennet: Wouldn't be the first time, will it?
Jane Bennet: No, nor the last I dare say.

Mr. Bennet: How can that possibly affect them?
Mrs. Bennet: Oh Mr. Bennet, how can you be so tiresome? You know he must marry one of them.
Mr. Bennet: Ah, so that is his desire in settling here.
Mrs. Bennet: You must go and visit him at once.
Mr. Bennet: Good heavens. People.
Mrs. Bennet: For we may not visit if you do not, as you well know, Mr. Bennet.

Mrs. Bennet: Mr. Bennet, you must introduce him to the girls! Immediately.

Mrs. Bennet: ...and then he danced the third with Miss Lucas.
Mr. Bennet: We were all there, dear.
Mrs. Bennet: Oh, poor thing. It is a shame she's not more handsome. There's a spinster in the making and no mistake. The fourth with a Miss King, of little standing... and the fifth again with Jane.
Mr. Bennet: If he'd had any compassion for me, he would have sprained his ankle in the first set.

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