Quotes from Deborah Kara Unger movies and TV shows

Christine: What is the going rate for a trapped-in-an-elevator adventure?

Nicholas: I got this key out of a mouth of this... wooden clown.
Christine: ...Never mind.

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Georgianna: So now what? Lorraine finally kick ya'll out?
Bobby Long: No... she never would. Besides, God wouldn't let that happen.
Lawson Pines: Really? And why not?
Bobby Long: Cause God knows me and I know God.

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Dahlia Gillespie: Why didn't she take me? Like the others?
Rose Da Silva: Because you're her mother. Mother is God in the eyes of a child.

Rose Da Silva: I'm looking for my daughter. I'm afraid she's been hurt.
Dahlia Gillespie: We've all lost our children. Our light.

Dahlia Gillespie: Fire doesn't cleanse, it blackens.

Dahlia Gillespie: Do not join the others, they are deceivers, they are damned.

Dahlia Gillespie: Into the fire, she swallowed their hate.

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