Quotes from Grey DeLisle movies and TV shows

Hoss Delgado: Give it to us straight, Goodburger. Is our little Remus.
Mandy: Billy.
Hoss Delgado: ...Billy, on the bullet train to Smartsville, or is he riding the slow pony to the rubber forest?

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Pompeii and Circumstance - S1-E12

Fred: Just swim towards land!
Velma: I see land... But it's moving.
Daphne: It's a boat.
Scooby: Pee ew!
Velma: It's that garbage barge.
Shaggy: Saved by the smell!

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Ready to Scare - S3-E4

Fred: I'm learning to talk French.
Velma: Badly.
Daphne: Maybe you should start by just going, "Oui, oui"
Fred: I did that before we left the hotel.

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