Quotes from Dylan Minnette movies and TV shows

Anthony Cooper: Mom, do you mind?.. Please.
Kelly Cooper: What? Because of this morning? It's not the first time I've seen your penis, Anthony.
Emily Cooper: Mom saw your penis?
Kelly Cooper: Yep! I've seen yours too, Alexander. I've seen every penis in this car.
Ben Cooper: Every penis.

Anthony Cooper: Bro I gotta take a shower. I gotta get to school or Celia won't call me back. Oh no. No way not today. Get out dude. Get out.

Alexander Cooper: Why are you here?
Anthony Cooper: Shut up.

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Alex: It's kind of messed up to rob a blind guy, isn't it?

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Logan Wallace: Have you ever thought about how, like, weird open houses are?
Naomi Wallace: What?
Logan Wallace: I mean, you give your keys to someone you hardly know, they stand in one room and welcome in a bunch of complete strangers, and those people just roam around the house. And the realtor doesn't check the house when it's done, right? They just... turn the lights off and go?
Naomi Wallace: Okay, well, now I'm not gonna sleep tonight.
Logan Wallace: Maybe you shouldn't sleep tonight.

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