Quotes from Charlie Hunnam movies and TV shows

Embry Larkin: You have no grace.

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Matt Buckner: What are you talkin' about, baseball is a girl's game? The Red Sox has a guy that pitches the ball over 90 miles per hour.
Pete Dunham: Who cares? All that means is that he can have a wank faster than you.

Pete Dunham: Tommy! Don't you wanna finish me off then?
Tommy Hatcher: You're already finished little Petey! The NTO will take care of you in a minute you mug.
Pete Dunham: We didn't kill your son Tommy! you DID! You should have protected him mate! He was your son.
Tommy Hatcher: Don't you talk about my fuckin son! don't talk about MY fuckin SON.

Pete Dunham: You don't run, not when you're with us... You stand your ground and fight.

Pete Dunham: Fuck it, I will take you with me. You might learn something.
Matt Buckner: About soccer?
Pete Dunham: No mate. Not about soccer, and FOR fuck sake, stop saying soccer.

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King Arthur: Why have enemies when you can have friends?

King Arthur: I'm not getting drawn into this mess! There's an army of you, there's only one of me! I'll talk, I'm happy to talk. But there is NO WAY that I am fighting.

Back Lack: What a waste of brandy.
King Arthur: But doesn't it make the palace burn well?

Bill: You've made quite a celebrity of yourself among the Blackleg ranks.
Bedivere: You've done very nicely on the back of your cozy relationship with your King's men.
King Arthur: I'm a little old for finger-wagging and speeches. So unless you're my dad, which... I believe is unlikely, can you just get around to telling me exactly what it is you want?

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Percy Fawcett: We all made of the same clay.

Percy Fawcett: If we may find a city, where one was considered impossible to exist, it may well write a whole new chapter in human history.

Percy Fawcett: The river will be our home for the next two years. We shall not fail. Mankind awaits our discoveries.

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Raleigh Becket: There are things you can't fight - acts of God. You see a hurricane coming, you get out of the way. But when you're in a Jaeger, suddenly, you can finally fight the hurricane. You can win.

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Bainne - S3-E11

Bobby Munson: I'd tap that.
Jax Teller: Dude, you're twice her age and three times her weight.
Bobby Munson and Opie Winston: So?


Black Widower - S7-E1

Jax Teller: SAMCRO is throwing me a little homecoming bash tonight at our new adult entertainment facility.
Marcus Alvarez: You talking about that shitty porn warehouse on the docks?
Jax Teller: When you say it like that, it kind of loses all its magic.

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