Quotes from Liam Cunningham movies and TV shows

Six: People like to blame me, but I'm just a witness. The things that I see would make angels weep. And they have wept.

Dr. Duncan Hume: This is such a one-horse town.
Six: And now it's a pale fucking horse.

PC. Rachel Heggie: Go to hell.
Six: Why bother? All the devils are here.

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Capt. Crewe: Sometimes when I dream, I sense a part of me that's missing. It's a strange feeling having your heart remember something your mind can not.

Sara Crewe: Papa? Maya told me that all girls are princesses.
Capt. Crewe: Maya... is a very wise woman.
Sara Crewe: Then it's true?
Capt. Crewe: You can be anything you want to be, my love, as long as you believe.
Sara Crewe: What do you believe?
Capt. Crewe: I believe that you are... and always will be... my little princess.

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Grey: I'll get you a prescription for Ativan, it'll stop your conscience bothering ya.

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Powers: Look at you, Joshua! You're a warrior, gladiator. Men like you don't die in your beds, they fall on the field. They give the crowd a glorious death.

Powers: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to The Tournament.

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Dan: If we ratify this treaty, all we're changing is the accents of the powerful and the colour of the flag.

Dan: Right. You're paupers, just like me. Take a look up and down this country and see the amount of volunteers that are involved in land seizures and cattle drives. Now do you want to know why that is happening?
Teddy: That's enough of that now.
Dan: It's not enough of it! The IRA are backing the landlords and crushing people like you and me.
Teddy: You sat down with the IRA last night.
Dan: I'm talking here.

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