Quotes from Taissa Farmiga movies and TV shows

Max Cartwright: Vicki, you don't have to die.
Vicki Summers: I'm the mean girl in the 80s horror movie and we're past the midpoint, so, you know, I'd say that I'd overstayed my welcome.

Max Cartwright: Gertie, you're a virgin.
Gertie Michaels: No. Well, not anymore. Last summer with that guy, Jerry. He had like the weird mustache and he, like, winked. Remember?
Vicki Summers: Isn't he autistic?
Gertie Michaels: Yeah. Yeah. He is. But he was also very romantic.

Max Cartwright: We will pick this up again. Is that understood? In the meantime, just stay away from Kurt... and keep your shorts on.

Nancy: Am I really gonna die?
Max Cartwright: Yeah.
Nancy: So, I guess I never grow up or fall in love or have kids. I had this dream that when I graduated college, I would meet a guy and we'd have a baby. A girl. And if she ever needed me, I would do anything for her - anything. I would've made a really great mom.
Max Cartwright: The best.

Max Cartwright: You shouldn't have sex.
Nancy: Why?
Max Cartwright: Because I heard that sex can kill you.

Gertie Michaels: Hey, just keep on keepin' on.
Max Cartwright: What does that even mean?
Gertie Michaels: It's something my therapist tells me all the time.
Max Cartwright: You have a therapist?
Gertie Michaels: Mmm-hmm.
Max Cartwright: Does it help you deal?
Gertie Michaels: No, not really. She's a physical therapist, so.

Max Cartwright: You just fucked with the wrong virgin.

Nancy: You were right about one thing, you know?
Max Cartwright: What?
Nancy: I'm a movie star.

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