Quotes from Fisher Stevens movies and TV shows

Vince Latello: Hey, I hit on Sawyer once.
Michael Harlan: Oh yeah.
Vince Latello: Yeah, I tried to give her this Italian macho bod.
Michael Harlan: What did she do?
Vince Latello: Poor girl lost out. She called me a name I had to look up in the Dictionary.

Vince Latello: Son of a bitch, whaddaya call this wawa?
Sherman: I believe you'd call him a Neanderthal man.
Vince Latello: Well I don't care what country he's from! One shot to the chones an' he's down.

Vince Latello: I'm cool, you're cool, we're cool, thank you, good night.

Vince Latello: I just want to be home watching cartoons.

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Ben Jabituya: I am thinking she is a virgin. Or at least she used to be.

Ben Jabituya: I am standing here beside myself.

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