Quotes from Michael Pena movies and TV shows

Ponch: She ate my butt.

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Mike Zavala: My Grandmother said, "If you can live without her, then man-up and cut her off. Don't string her along."

Brian Taylor: Dude! Don't swear, man, I have to edit that out when you swear.
Mike Zavala: Oh, fuck! Oh, shit, dude! Fuck, man!

Brian Taylor: I want somebody to talk to, not just sleep with. Do you fucking understand what I'm saying?
Mike Zavala: White people get hung up on this fucking soulmate bullshit. Just hook up with a chick that can cook and wants kids!

Mike Zavala: Why do you get nervous?
Brian Taylor: Women want him, men want to be him, man. He's just...
Mike Zavala: Yeah, I know. But you want him.
Brian Taylor: Dude, I'm not gay, but I'd go down on him if he asked.
Mike Zavala: Sometimes I don't know when you're kidding. And I have to know when you're kidding.
Brian Taylor: I'm not kidding.
Mike Zavala: I gotta know when you're kidding.
Brian Taylor: I'm not kidding.

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Frank Garcia: Do you know the success rate for marriage when one person gets sobers, and the other one doesn't?
Nick Halsey: Is it higher than the suicide rate for cops?

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Mr. Rate: Would've been a bad job to take, though.
Nick Memphis: How come?
Mr. Rate: Whoever took that shot's probably dead now. That's how conspiracy works. Them boys on the grassy knoll, they were dead within three hours. Buried in the damn desert. Unmarked graves out past Terlingua.
Nick Memphis: And you know this for a fact?
Mr. Rate: Still got the shovel.

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