Quotes from Alexandra Daddario movies and TV shows

Summer Quinn: And not a single fuck was given.

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Olivia: Green, eco-friendly zone.

Olivia: So I took off all of my clothes, and I stood right in front of him, and I said, "you either pick Jesus, or you pick me." He picked Jesus.

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Meg: You buy socks and I suck.
Kate: Okay! Okay. I got it. I got it.

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Annabeth: You'd destroy the whole world just, to what, to get back at your dad?
Luke: The Olympians overthrew their parents. It's just our turn.
Percy Jackson: We met your father. He said that he knows that he made mistakes, and he... he told us to tell you to not be so angry.
Luke: Really? And he couldn't even tell me himself. Does that sound familiar?

Grover: This is a bad idea.
Percy Jackson: You don't even know what I was gonna say.
Grover: You were going to say you're going after the fleece.
Annabeth: Actually, he was going to say we were.

Grover: Go Percy! I have 50 drachma on you.
Annabeth: You bet on this?
Grover: What, is that wrong?

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Heather Miller: Do your thing, cuz.

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