Quotes from Jai Courtney movies and TV shows

John McClane: Need a hug?
Jack McClane: We're not a hugging family.
John McClane: That's right.

Jack McClane: Certain death.
John McClane: Like your mother's cooking.

John McClane: You got a plan?
Jack McClane: Not really. I kinda thought we would just wing it, you know. Running in, guns blazing. Make it up as we go.

Jack McClane: Let me ask you something: do you go looking for trouble or does it always seem to find you?
John McClane: You know, after all those years, I still ask myself the same question.

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Pops: Old.
Kyle Reese: Not obsolete.
Pops: Not yet.

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Lt-Col Cyril Hughes: Yeah, We both know it, but why change everything for one father who can't stay put?
Major Hasan: Because he is the only father who came looking.

Connor: She wanted them buried in consecrated ground.
Lt-Col Cyril Hughes: How much blood do you need for it to be holy?

Lt-Col Cyril Hughes: We lost over two thousand men in those four days at Lone Pine. The Turks lost seven thousand. We didn't take too many prisoners either. I don't know if I'd forgive any of us.

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