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Paul Rivers: We've been a fraud for a long time, Mary.

Paul Rivers: We have lived on a fraud a long time.

Paul Rivers: They say we all lose 21 grams... who will be next?

Paul Rivers: Just... disappear.

Dr. Rothberg: But if you don't come back to the hospital, you're condemning yourself to a terrible death. Your heart won't work anymore. You'll die, asphyxiated. It's an awful death, Paul. You can't imagine it. At least here we can help you to.
Paul Rivers: You can help me die better. That's what you're saying. You can help me die better. Well, I'm not gonna do that, okay? I'd rather die outside.

Paul Rivers: I can't keep going like this. The insemination, the child. It's like we're trying to put a Band-Aid on something that's just been bled dry.

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Mick O'Brien: I'm sorry about your little brother, Moreno.
Paco Moreno: Oh, you really break my heart, you know that? I'm sorry about your old lady. I'm sorry I didn't get to finish the job.

Mick O'Brien: Hey. What are the odds on me now, Perretti?
Perretti: Three to two... against you. Nothing personal.

Horowitz: What are you afraid of?
Mick O'Brien: I ain't afraid of anything.
Horowitz: Hey, after what you did to Viking and Tweety, you're IT.

Mick O'Brien: Two carts for me and two carts for Horowitz... for free.

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David Kleinfeld: Hey Louie... Louie, your fuckin' chick's givin' you a handjob right in front of everybody. I got guests here, for christsake. People are eating.
Louie: Take it easy, Dave.
David Kleinfeld: No-you take it easy. You got any manners? You wanna fuck her, fuck her like a normal human being - take her in the bedroom.

David Kleinfeld: Oh that's right, you're gonna rent Ford Pintos to tourists in paradise.

Carlito: Gimme your piece, Dave.
David Kleinfeld: What?
Carlito: Gimme the fucking gun! Since when are you a tough guy?

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Bob Hodges: You wanna look at pussy or learn about this job?
Danny McGavin: Not yet.
Bob Hodges: Not yet.

Bob Hodges: Who are you?
Danny McGavin: Rocky 6.

Danny McGavin: Is 21st street on our list?
Bob Hodges: Nah. Poor fuckers are professional victims. Get their ass kicked constantly. Kind of a mixed gang. You got Diamond street there, the ville, and the projects on the west so they gotta fight their way in and fight their way out.
Danny McGavin: They're fucked, huh?

Dr. Feelgood: You ain't got nothing on me.
Danny McGavin: I got handcuffs on you.

Dr. Feelgood: Hey man, these handcuffs are too tight.
Danny McGavin: Well they ain't built for comfort, pal.

Danny McGavin: You don't wanna get laid, man. It leads to kissing and pretty soon you gotta talk to 'em.

Danny McGavin: Hey you know, if you just cut me half as much slack as you do the rest of those assholes, I might just owe you one.
Bob Hodges: I have, you do.

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