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Peter Quill: What is it?
Kraglin: It's called a Zune. It's what everybody's listening to on Earth nowadays.

Rocket: You people have issues.
Peter Quill: Well, of course I have issues. That's my freakin' father.

Ego: After all these years I found you. My name is Ego, and I'm your dad, Peter. I wanted to experience what it was to be human. So I created what I thought a biological being would be like.
Drax: Did you make a penis?
Peter Quill: Shut up!
Ego: Yes, Drax, I got a penis. It's not half bad, either.

Peter Quill: You shouldn't have killed my mom and squished my Walkman.

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Claire: We have learnt more in the past year from genetics, than a century of digging up bones! A whole new frontier has opened up! We have our first genetically modified hybrid!
Owen: You just went and made a new dinosaur? Probably not a good idea.

Claire: Corporate felt genetic modification would up the 'wow' factor.
Owen: They're dinosaurs. 'Wow' enough.

Claire: We're talking about an animal here.
Owen: A highly intelligent animal.

Claire: What is that?
Owen: Her tracking implant. She clawed it out.
Claire: How would it know to do that?
Owen: She remembered where they put it in.

Claire: You can pick up their scent, right? Track their footprints?
Owen: I was with the Navy, not the Navajo.


Owen: Time to take a stroll through the woods. 65,000,000 years ago.


Owen: Watch your six, Raptors got a new alpha.

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Claire: And what kind of a man shows up to a date in board shorts?
Owen: It's Central America. It's hot.

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Owen: You're the new guy right?
Staff Member: Yeah.
Owen: Did you ever wonder why there was a job opening? Don't turn your back to the cage.

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Claire Dearing: Come on, you're a better man than you think you are.
Owen Grady: You should write fortune cookies. (00:20:00)

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Owen Grady: Nervous flyer?
Franklin Webb: Would you ride a-a thousand pound horse that's been abused all its life?
Owen Grady: I rode my motorcycle through the jungle with a pack of raptors.
Franklin Webb: We're not compatible. (00:21:50)

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Claire Dearing: Be careful, okay?
Owen Grady: If I don't make it back, remember... you're the one who made me come. I'll be all right. (00:30:40)

Franklin: Am I dead?
Owen Grady: Not yet, kid.

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Emmet Brickowski: Lucy.
Wyldstyle: Emmet! Did you draw stubble dots on your face?
Emmet Brickowski: What? No. (01:10:30)

Rex Dangervest: Do you mind if I save your life?
Emmet Brickowski: Not at all. (00:30:55)

Wyldstyle: Emmet, you've gotta stop pretending everything is awesome. It isn't.
Emmet Brickowski: Yeah. I get it. And that's why I cultivated a hard-edged side that's super-tough and-Look! Look! A shooting star! Make a wish.

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