Quotes from Hayley Mills movies and TV shows

Susan's roommate at camp Inch: The nerve of her! Coming here with your face.
Susan's other roommate: What are you gonna do about it?
Susan Evers: Do? What in heaven's sake can I do, silly?
Susan's other roommate: I'd bite off her nose. Then she wouldn't look like you.

Sharon McKendrick: 'Cos that's how true love creates its beautiful agony. All splendid lovers had just dreadful times! Er, Pelias and Melisande, Daphnis and Chloƫ. History's just jammed with stories of lovers parted by some silly thing.

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Patti Randall: Now, just a minute, Gregory, D.C.'s a cat! He can't help his instincts. He's a hunter, just like you are. Only he's not stupid enough to stand out in the pouring rain all day.

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Rachel Devery: Couldn't we have uniforms, too, Reverend Mother?
Mother Superior: Most certainly not. The band will perform in their gym suits.
Rachel Devery: Our gym suits?
Mother Superior: Yes.
Mary Clancy: But, they're awful! I mean, it's not as if they were like Sacred Heart's. At Sacred Heart they wear short-shorts for gym.
Mother Superior: They're French.

Mary Clancy: I've got the most scathingly brilliant idea.

Mary Clancy: Hi, Marvel-Ann.
Marvel-Ann Clancy: Drop dead.
Rachel Devery: Who's that?
Mary Clancy: Marvel-Ann. My uncle George is her father. He's been sending her to the nuns since she was six. I told her she was illegitimate, so she hates me.
Rachel Devery: Is she?
Mary Clancy: Lord, no! Uncle George is very careful about that kind of thing.

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