Quotes from Ziyi Zhang movies and TV shows

Lo: All this trouble for a comb?
Jen Yu: It's mine. It means a lot to me. A barbarian like you wouldn't understand.
Lo: I can use it to pick fleas from my horse.

Waiter: Follow me.
Jen Yu: I want a clean room.
Waiter: We have plenty... Your order?
Jen Yu: Steamed whole cod, bite-size meatballs, a little starchy but keep the sauce light, shark fin soup, mixed vegetables and some warm wine.
Waiter: We only have one chef.
Jen Yu: Then get him started.

Jen Yu: Make a wish, Lo.

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Moon: I am going to kill you and avenge my master.

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Kristin: Would you rather be dead or live the rest of your life without your soul mate?

Kristin: Four horsemen. Four offerings. No more.

Kristin: I wonder, Aidan, what you think of me. You thought I was just this sweet girl who had been wronged by the world. What do you think now?
Det. Aidan J. Breslin: I still think that.

Kristin: Death is what happens at the end. War is everything else.

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