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Carlton Lassiter: I thought I told you no.
Shawn Spencer: But your eyes said yes.

Burton 'Gus' Guster: Shawn? What the heck are you doing here?
Shawn Spencer: I should ask you the same question.
Burton 'Gus' Guster: I work here.
Shawn Spencer: I should ask you a different question.

Burton 'Gus' Guster: Don't you watch the news?
Shawn Spencer: I can't watch Channel 8 anymore. Lloyd Lansing wears a toupee. It's like every newscast begins with a lie.

Carlton Lassiter: So you think someone planted it in his locker?
Shawn Spencer: No, I think someone put it there on purpose.
Carlton Lassiter: That's what I just said.
Shawn Spencer: But mine wasn't in the form of a question, so it came from a place of power.

Shawn Spencer: Gus, don't be a paranoid schizophrenic.

Burton 'Gus' Guster: I'm not going out there.
Shawn Spencer: You cannot sit here in a dark car all alone. You'll be picked up for mopery.
Burton 'Gus' Guster: Mopery?
Shawn Spencer: With intent to creep. Trust me, you don't want that. It'll put a big hole in your future.

Shawn Spencer: Remember, Dad, you treat a woman like a person, then a princess, then a goddess, then a person again.

Shawn Spencer: Gus, don't be a crazy hooligan.

Shawn Spencer: Don't worry, Jules. I'll crack your case like an egg. Then we'll make omelets with shallots... and justice.

Burton 'Gus' Guster: You're taking my name off the lease and the door and these Frisbees.
Shawn Spencer: Gus, don't be ridiculous. Look, I'm almost positive this isn't a load-bearing wall. But if you're really concerned, why don't you jump up and down in the attic to make sure?

Shawn Spencer: How can you tell that someone's a compulsive liar? I mean, assuming that their pants aren't on fire.

Shawn Spencer: Gus, don't be a traveling wilberry.

Carlton Lassiter: Now I need to know your process.
Shawn Spencer: Do you really want to know my process?
Carlton Lassiter: Absolutely.
Shawn Spencer: Well, it starts with a holla! and ends with a Creamsicle.
Burton 'Gus' Guster: And if there's time in between? ThunderCats. Ho-oh.

Carlton Lassiter: I need to get something off my chest.
Shawn Spencer: Is it your shirt? Please say no.

Shawn Spencer: Oh, you mean my pilot's license? That's out back in the Cessna. Or perhaps you're referring to my license to kill. Revoked. Trouble at the Kazakhstan border. I could give you the details but then I'd have to kill you, which I can't do because my license to kill has been revoked.

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Ewan O'Hara: How do you guys feel about Oslo?
Shawn Spencer: He definitely shot Kennedy.
Ewan O'Hara: The city.
Shawn Spencer: They named a city after that son of a bitch?

Burton Guster: Dude, I gotta say, this restoration is coming along great. If I'm looking on the bright side, it's nice we get a sneak preview.
Shawn Spencer: You're talking about the bright side of dying in Alcatraz.

Shawn Spencer: Gus, don't be the tender sweetness of a seasick crocodile.

Karen Vick: A dongle is a security device.
Shawn Spencer: Sure, for some people.
Karen Vick: You stick it into your computer.
Shawn Spencer: Not my computer. Not since high school. Jules, back me up on this?
Juliet O'Hara: Shawn, stop talking.

Burton Guster: I may make a jump for it. How many sharks do you think are in the bay?
Shawn Spencer: At least one.
Burton Guster: Damn it.

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