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Alton Meyer: I saw the sunrise this morning. I think I know what I am now.
Alton Meyer: There's... There's a world, built on top of ours. People live there.
Alton Meyer: I think they're like me.
Roy: We saw it.
Sarah Tomlin: They're like you?
Alton Meyer: Yes, I think so.
Sarah Tomlin: I understand.
Alton Meyer: Lucas?
Lucas: I believe you.
Alton Meyer: Good.

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Jim Green: Have a great day.
Cindy Green: That's too much pressure.
Jim Green: Have the day you have.

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Sam Carter: And the last place you want to be is cooped up with a dozen of Norwegian guys.

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Brendan Conlon: C'mon, it's not as bad as it looks.
Principal Zito: Are you being literal or figurative? Because literally it looks bad. And figuratively it looks even worse. The superintendent's coming by in a few minutes. So gimme a little help here, Brendan. Can you explain to me what the hell you were doing?
Brendan Conlon: I need the money, Joe.
Principal Zito: Yeah, but we can't have this. This isn't moonlighting at Applebee's for Christ's sake.

Principal Zito: You got no business in the ring with those animals.
Brendan Conlon: Actually, I used to be one of those animals.

Paddy Conlon: Listen to me. I thought maybe we could break bread. You know, just open some lines of communication.
Brendan Conlon: You got two lines of communication. You got the telephone and the post office.

Paddy Conlon: I've got a thousand days. A thousand days sober today.
Brendan Conlon: Well, that's great, Pop. But it doesn't change anything.
Paddy Conlon: What do you mean it doesn't change anything? Have a heart, Brendan.
Brendan Conlon: You listen to me. You take your have-a-heart bullshit and you run it down the road. Run it out on someone who doesn't know you like I do.

Brendan Conlon: I popped his shoulder.
Frank Campana: Relax. Breathe.
Brendan Conlon: I heard it tear.
Frank Campana: You popped his shoulder? Good. I want you to pop his other shoulder.

Brendan Conlon: You never had any interest in underdogs. But I was your son.
Paddy Conlon: You are my son, Brendan.
Brendan Conlon: Am I?
Paddy Conlon: Yeah, you are. I'm just asking you if can find... find a little bit of space in your heart to forgive me a little bit.
Brendan Conlon: Yeah? All right, I forgive you.
Paddy Conlon: Okay.
Brendan Conlon: But I do not trust you.

Brendan Conlon: I know this isn't a great time. And it's too bad about Marco. But what about me?
Frank Campana: You talking about Sparta? Brendan, please. You got a better chance of starting a boy band.

Brendan Conlon: God, man, I don't understand this. You won't forgive me, but you'll forgive Pop?
Tom Conlon: Shit. He's just some old vet I train with. He means nothing to me. From what I hear he means nothing to you, either, so you got balls talking about forgiveness.

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