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Snow White: Age before beauty. It's important to know when you've been beaten.

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Clary Fray: Why can I see you and no one else can?
Jace Wayland: You're not a mundane.
Clary Fray: What's a mundane?
Jace Wayland: Someone from the human world.
Clary Fray: If I'm not human, what am I?

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Luke: Jonathan Gold is my muse.
Ellen: Raymond Chandler was your muse a few minutes ago.
Luke: I know. Isn't that fantastic? Nobody can keep up with me.

Judy: Ellen.
Ellen: Eli.
Judy: Uh, you know... Ellen was your great-grandmother's name.
Ellen: I bet she didn't like it either.

Dr. William Beckham: Your stepmom always talk that much?
Ellen: You know how sharks have to keep swimming or they'll die? She's kinda like that but with talking.

Ellen: Bet you didn't expect this much gynery today.
Dr. William Beckham: I do think this is a record number of mothers for one patient.

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