Quotes from Bubba Smith movies and TV shows

Carey Mahoney: You didn't hit the brakes.
Moses Hightower: You didn't tell me to.

Moses Hightower: I was a florist.
Carey Mahoney: A florist?
Moses Hightower: Yeah, you know, flowers and shit.

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Sergeant Proctor: Hightower!
Officer Moses Hightower: Yo!
Lt. Mauser: Yo?
Officer Moses Hightower: Yo, sir!
Lt. Mauser: Yo, sir... You must be from the south! That's "Yes, sir." You got foot patrol.

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Sgt. Moses Hightower: Fools! To think they could kill the brother of Bedulah.
House: Uh-uh. I never thought that.
Sgt. Moses Hightower: Oh, that I could reach into the belly of a yak and rip out its heart.
Kyle: That would bring him back to life?
Sgt. Moses Hightower: No, man. I'm hungry.

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Sgt. Moses Hightower: Sir, I realize this is your jurisdiction. But if there is a rescue attempt, we would like to volunteer.
Capt. Thaddeus Harris: Commissioner Murdock, I couldn't agree more. I think it is vital that the rescues know Commandant Lassard intimately. Now, I can vouch for the abilities of these officers. After all, I trained them myself.
Sgt. Larvell Jones: Must be the drugs.

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