Quotes from Tom Hiddleston movies and TV shows

Steve Rogers: What's the matter? Scared of a little lightning?
Loki: I'm not overly fond of what follows.

Loki: I am Loki, of Asgard, and I am burdoned with glorious purpose.
Nick Fury: We have no quarrel with your people.
Loki: An ant has no quarrel with a boot.
Nick Fury: Are you planning to step on us?

Loki: I have an army!
Tony Stark: We have a Hulk.

Loki: ENOUGH! You. All of you are beneath me. I am a god, you dull creature, and I will not be bullied by...
[The Hulk grabs Loki and slams him into the floor repeatedly.]
Hulk: Puny God.

Loki: How desperate are you that you would call upon such lost creatures to defend you?
Nick Fury: You've made me very desperate.

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Loki: If you're going to Earth, you might want a guide. I do have a bit of experience in that arena.
Thanos: Well, if you consider failure experience.
Loki: I consider experience experience.

Thor: You really are the worst brother.
Loki: I assure you, brother, the sun will shine on us again.
Thanos: Your optimism is misplaced, Asgardian!
Loki: Well for one thing, I'm not Asgardian. And for another thing...we have a Hulk.

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Thomas Sharpe: You're so... different.
Edith Cushing: From who?
Thomas Sharpe: ...everyone.

Thomas Sharpe: I cannot leave you here. In fact, I find myself thinking about you even at the most inopportune moments of the day. I feel as if a link exists between your heart and mine, and should that link be broken, either by distance or by time, then my heart would cease to beat and I would die.

Thomas Sharpe: Where I come from, ghosts are not to be taken lightly.

Thomas Sharpe: The nearest house is miles away, and the closest town is a half day's walk.

Lucille Sharpe: She knows everything. She stopped drinking her tea, but I poisoned the porridge.
Thomas Sharpe: Lucille, stop it! Do we have to do this? Must we?
Lucille Sharpe: Yes.

Edith Cushing: You lied to me.
Thomas Sharpe: I did.
Edith Cushing: You poisoned me.
Thomas Sharpe: I did.
Edith Cushing: You said you loved me.
Thomas Sharpe: I do.

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Lord Nooth: The age of stone is over. Long live the age of bronze.

Lord Nooth: Take 'im away and kill 'im... do it slowly.
[Guards start walking away at a very slow pace.]
Lord Nooth: No! I meant take 'im away at normal speed, and kill 'im slowly.

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Laing: You know, Toby, when I was your age, I was always covered in something. Mud, jam, failure... My father never associated himself with anything dirty. Or real.
Toby: My father's up there.
Laing: You mean, in heaven?
Toby: Heaven isn't real, stupid.

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Hank Marlow: Who's winning the war?
Captain James Conrad: Which one?
Hank Marlow: That makes sense, I guess.

Captain James Conrad: An uncharted island. Let me list all the ways you're gonna die: rain, heat, disease-carrying flies, and we haven't started on the things that want to eat you alive.

Captain James Conrad: I guess no man comes home from war, not really.

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Adam: Look at what she did to my Gibson.

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