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Nicholas Hathaway: We're in.
Carol Barrett: You can call me "chica" any time you want.

Nicholas Hathaway: Are you still gonna like me if I'm fixing garage door openers?
Chen Lien: I don't know. Maybe.

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Curt: Read the Gurovsky; it's way more interesting and Bennet doesn't know it by heart so he'll think you're insightful. And you have no pants.

Marty: Okay, my turn! Jules!
Jules: Mmm?
Marty: Truth or dare?
Jules: Let's go dare.
Marty: I dare you, to make out with...
Curt: Please say Dana. Please say Dana. Please say Dana.
Marty: That moose, over there.
Dana: Um, Marty? Have you ever seen a moose before?
Marty: Whatever that mysterious beast is?
Curt: It's a wolf.
Holden: That's a wolf.

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Kevin: Can I bring my cat to work? He has terrible anxiety problems.
Abby Yates: Oh, I'd love to let you bring your cat to work, but I have a terrible cat allergy.
Kevin: I don't have a cat. He's a dog. His name is My Cat.
Abby Yates: You named your dog My Cat?
Kevin: Mike Hat.
Erin Gilbert: First name Mike, last name Hat?
Kevin: Well, his full name is Michael Hat.

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The Huntsman: Whoever gets in there will be unstoppable.

Ravenna: Are you ready huntsman?
The Huntsman: Aye.

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Owen Chase: To return to port without a single barrel of oil would be a mistake, sir. And not behoove a man whose name is Pollard. Or Chase, for that matter. And the best thing for both of us would be to work all hours Gods sends us, fill this ship with oil and be home inside a year and rid of one another as quickly as possible. Trust me, I am every bit as desirous of that as you.

Owen Chase: Benjamin, what are you doing?
Benjamin Lawrence: He's dead. Putting him overboard, sir.
Owen Chase: Look at me. Look at me, Benjamin. No right-minded sailor discards what might yet save him.

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Agent H: There should be a big red button 'round here somewhere.
Agent M: Found it.

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Jed Eckert: You fucked with the wrong family.

Jed Eckert: When I was overseas we were the good guys. We enforced order. Well, now? We're the bad guys, and we create chaos.

Jed Eckert: Even the tiniest flea can drive a big dog crazy.

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James Hunt: The closer you are to death, the more alive you feel. It's a wonderful way to live. It's the only way to drive.

James Hunt: That wind you can feel is me breathing down your neck. Next time, I'll have you.

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The Huntsman: Who are you? Why does the queen want you dead?
Snow White: You should know. You're the one hunting me!

The Huntsman: Do not speak of my wife!
Queen Ravenna: You miss her. What would you give to see her again? You know of my powers. Bring me the girl and I will bring back your wife.
The Huntsman: Nothing can bring her back.
Queen Ravenna: I can. A life for a life.

The Huntsman: The forest gains its strength from your weakness.

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Thor: These people are innocent. You cannot sacrifice an entire race!
Loki: Then die with them.

[Thor walks into "Pet Palace.".]
Thor: I need a horse!

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