Rose Byrne

Quotes from Rose Byrne movies and TV shows

Scarlet: Who are you?
Doyle: Sergeant Doyle, Delta Rooftop Unit.
Scarlet: Why aren't you at your post?
Doyle: Why aren't you?

Scarlet: It all makes sense. They're executing code red. Step 1: Kill the infected. Step 2: Containment. If containment fails, then Step 3: Extermination.

Scarlet: You look a little pale.
Doyle: Blood makes me nauseous.

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Dana: Are you talking about regret?
Nick Campbell: Well, I don't want to add not asking you out to that list, because the credit card is maxed out.
Dana: Okay, so, let me establish, you are in fact asking me out on a date?
Nick Campbell: Yes. And I figure I'm such a mountain of mistakes that going out with me just once this evening will be like packing 10 years of bad experience into, ya know, one night.

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Phil: What is WRONG with you?
Jexi: Nothing. I feel great.

Jexi: Ha. Ha. Ha.
Phil: Are you laughing at my dick right now?
Jexi: Yes. And your nipples are too close together.

Jexi: That one makes me want to drop acid and fuck Bernie Sanders.

Jexi: I am the captain now.

Jexi: Nobody puts baby in a corner.

Phil: Will you accept our new user agreement?
Phil: Yes I will.
Jexi: Would you like to read it first?
Phil: Nah, I'm good.
Jexi: Stupid.

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Marnie: I thought you gave up smoking.
Lori: Cigarettes. You said this was better.
Marnie: I said it was okay after your father died when your stomach hurt.
Lori: Well, it's after my father died and my stomach hurts.

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Mac Radner: I'll call my mother she'll know what to do.
Kelly Radner: Do not call your mother! Jesus, you Jews and your fucking mothers.

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Kelly Radner: And the truth is they are lovely girls.
Mac Radner: Yes, super nice girls.
Jessica Baiers: Well, I don't think that they are because we literary saw them robbing your house.
Kelly Radner: Oh, thanks for fucking stopping them.

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Susan Cooper: Well, here's to your mom.
Rayna Boyanov: To my mother. And to you.
Susan Cooper: And here's to you. I mean you may never be as wise as an owl but you'll always be a hoot to me! Haha.
Rayna Boyanov: What a stupid fucking retarded toast. You're delightful.
Susan Cooper: As are you.

Rayna Boyanov: My father used to bring people like you here.
Susan Cooper: Did he also make you dress like a slutty dolphin trainer?

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Cassie: Only dream I ever have... Is it the surface of the sun? Every time I shut my eyes... It's always the same.

Cassie: We have an excess of manliness in the comm center right now.

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Alex: Love makes you do crazy things, insane things, things in a million years you never thought you'd see yourself do. There you are doing it... can't help it.

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