Quotes from Vanessa Hudgens movies and TV shows

Will Burton: So, how big is this whole bandslam thing around here?
Sa5m: Texas high school football big.

Sa5m: Let's... start... shredding.

Charlotte Banksasks: Hi, I'm Charlotte. Nice to meet you.
Sa5m: I've known you since 5th grade.
Charlotte Banksasks: ...Hmm.

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Lindy: What can I say, I'm substance over style.

Kyle: Pretty gruesome, huh?
Lindy: I've seen worse.

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Hank: It looks like the liquefation has tripled overnight.
Kailani: What does that mean?
Hank: It means this island is sinking a lot faster than we thought.
Alexander: I thought you said a couple of days.
Hank: Now it looks more like a couple of hours.
Sean: A couple of hours?
Hank: We need to get to that sub now or we're all gonna be 20,000 leagues under the sea.

Alexander: I wanted to give you this.
Sean: A book?
Alexander: Oh, it's not just a book. It's a trip I want us to go on, all of us, as a family.
Sean: From the Earth to the Moon.
Alexander: What do you say?
Kailani: I think there's only one thing to say.
Sean: So, who's up for an adventure?
Liz: No, no, no.
Hank: Oh honey, what could possibly go wrong? It's only the moon.

Kailani: Who are these guys?
Sean: Uh... I am a scientific explorer. Hi.

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Sir Cole: I have traveled here, and it matters not if I understand how.
Brooke: But you know time travel isn't a real thing, right? In the 1300s or now in 2019.
Sir Cole: Well, by that logic, only things that you comprehend are possible.

Sir Cole: It's just you look... positively radiant.
Brooke: Why, thank you. And you, my knight in shining cashmere wool blend.

Sir Cole: A knight always keeps faith. It's part of our code.
Brooke: What else is part of your knight's code?
Sir Cole: A knight is sworn to valor and virtue. His blade defends the good, and his might upholds the weak. His temper shall be led by patience, and his kindness will give aid to those who seek it.

Sir Cole: The rules of gallantry are much changed when a deserving SCOUNDREL can not be put in his place.
Brooke: Maybe, but it's probably best not to do it while you're wearing his Christmas sweater.

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Candy: Spring break forever, bitches.

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