Quotes from Danny McBride movies and TV shows

Dwayne: Sometimes fate pulls out its big ol' cock and slaps you right in the face.

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Red: This is why we went for pedicures, isn't it?
Chuck: No, we got pedicures because we're worth it.
Bomb: I got gels.

Bomb: Okay, well... Sometimes when I get upset, I have been known to blow up.
Red: So you get mad?
Bomb: No, I literally blow up. I explode like a bomb, hence the name.

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Rico: I'm kinda grumpy today, dude. I didn't get a lot of sleep last night. I was having those dreams again. Ya know, how it's just me in a castle and I gotta fight, like, a thousand wizards and the only way to beat them is to punch them as hard as I can in their faces. Then, when I'm done, all their little wizard wives came out and wanted me to have sex with them - which is kinda weird.

Rico: I'm freakin pumped! I've been drinking green tea all goddamn day.

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Dale Denton: Yeah but if you do bad stuff you're going to come back as something bad like a slug or an anal bead. But if you do something heroic then you'll come back as like an eagle or a dragon, or Jude Law. Now which would you rather be?
Red: The anal bead wouldn't be bad. I mean I guess it would depend on whose anal bead it was.
Dale Denton: It's *my* anal bead.

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Neal Gamby: Come tomorrow, there's a brand new principal in town. His name is Neal Gamby.

Neal Gamby: Get back to class, you savages.

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Thadeous: Quests suck!

Fabious: Brother, do you see what I see?
Thadeous: You're making a fool of yourself. Handle your shit, Fabious, please.

Thadeous: I shouldn't even be here! I will probably die on this quest, and Courtney definitely will!

Isabel: Thaddeus, I have not been able to stop thinking of you.
Thadeous: What a coincidence. I was just about to finish thinking of you.

Fabious: You have to suck out the venom!
Thadeous: I don't want to do it, you do it!
Fabious: I can't suck my own venom!
Thadeous: Yes you can! I'll help you! Suck it! Suck your venom!
Fabious: I can't reach it with my mouth!
Thadeous: Courtney, suck the venom!
Courtney: But I've never...
Thadeous: SUCK IT!

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