Quotes from Blake Lively movies and TV shows

Adaline Bowman: Tell me something I can hold on to forever and never let go.
Ellis Jones: Let go.

Adaline Bowman: I don't think I'll ever understand why so few people care about history.
Ellis Jones: The future has its charm, too. We could talk about our ours.
Adaline Bowman: Ellis.
Ellis Jones: Not the distant future - talk about this weekend.

Adaline Bowman: There you go again, putting your hand in places it doesn't belong.

Flemming: Remember that? 1954, I was a junior in college. That's the last photo I have of you.
Adaline Bowman: Well, you've seen one, you've seen 'em all.

Adaline Bowman: I see you already forgot our little talk about sodium.
Flemming: No, I am simply choosing to ignore it.

Ellis Jones: You know they have a saying in Italy. "Anni, amori, e bicchieri di vino, no che contato mai."
Adaline Bowman: Years, lovers... wine cups?
Ellis Jones: Years, lovers, and glasses of wine. These are things that should never be counted.
Adaline Bowman: You have no idea.

Ellis Jones: I'd like for you to accept the books on behalf of the library.
Adaline Bowman: Oh no no. I can't do that.
Ellis Jones: Yes you can.
Adaline Bowman: No, I don't want my photo taken.
Ellis Jones: Don't worry, you look stunning.
Adaline Bowman: It's not about vanity. I just don't like people taking my photograph.

Ellis Jones: You can tell me anything you want and I'll believe it. I know almost nothing about you.
Adaline Bowman: It's better this way.
Ellis Jones: No. It's not.

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Carol Ferris: Hal, you're late! This test today - it's important.
Hal Jordan: I'm going to make you look good up there. Don't worry. Now, let's get these pants off and fly some planes.

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Dolores: I promise I'll kill you.
Lado: That's the Dolores I'd like to fuck.

Lado: You think you left the old ways behind? Well, let me tell you something. Tijuana is coming here. It's chasing us.

Lado: Stop begging! You sound like a woman.

O: That's how I imagined it went down, but the truth has an imagination of its own.

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Chloe: Do you think I'll ever be as good as you?
Nancy: No.

Bunch Son
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Bridget: Wear them. They'll make you brave.

Bridget: It happened just how I always imagined it would. So why do I feel this way, Lena? How can something that's supposed to make you feel so complete end up leaving you so empty? I just wish so much I could talk to my mom. I need her. And that scares me.

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