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Bernard Berkman: Joan, let me ask you something. All that work I did at the end of our marriage, making dinners, cleaning up, being more attentive. It never was going to make a difference, was it? You were leaving no matter what.
Joan Berkman: You never made a dinner.
Bernard Berkman: I made burgers that time you had pneumonia.

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Rebecca Vincent: What are you?
Michelangelo: We're not really into labels.
Leonardo: Some call us freaks... monsters.
Raphael: Let's just say we're four brothers, who hate bullies and love this city.

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Sammy: I could use a beer.
Brian: I could use a tranquilizer.

Sammy: So, how was school today?
Rudy: Stupid.

Terry: Where were you?
Sammy: Nowhere. I had dinner with my boss.
Terry: Kind of a late dinner, ain't it?
Sammy: Yeah. How was Rudy?
Terry: Fine. He's asleep.
Sammy: Did the plumber come?
Terry: Yeah, the fucking plumber came.
Sammy: Terry, just give me a break.
Terry: What's the matter with you?
Sammy: Nothing, I'm just tired.
Terry: Wanna smoke some pot?
Sammy: No I don't... why, you got some?

Sammy: That just seems like an awful lot of extra paperwork.
Brian: I like paperwork.

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