Gemma Arterton

Quotes from Gemma Arterton movies and TV shows

Clara: I was a harlot.
Darvell: But that is in the past.
Savella: Some things are eternal.
Werner: You were to find a man on of good blood who appreciates this brotherhood and what we do.
Clara: What is it you do?
Savella: We are the pointed nails of justice.

Clara: If you could have anything, what would it be?
Darvell: Your pardon.
Clara: In time. Maybe.
Darvell: Your company, then? We have time.

Clara: I'm never merciful, and knowledge is a fatal thing.

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Hansel: Where are you going?
Gretel: I have to help Edward.
Hansel: Edward... Who the fuck's Edward?

Gretel: Let the girl go, or I'm gona blow your sheriff's brains all over these fucking hillbillies.

[Young Hansel and Gretel put first witch in oven.]
Young Gretel: Is it hot enough for you now!?

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Polly: Why is it that boys are always so messy?

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Tamina: The gods have a plan for you. A destiny.

Prince Dastan: You really enjoy telling me what to do, don't you?
Tamina: Only because you are so good at following orders.
Prince Dastan: Don't press your luck.

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[The girls are trying to decide what to steal to save St. Trinians from foreclosure.]
Kelly: What about that? [She points to a poster advert of the famous painting "Girl with a Pearl Earring.".]
Chelsea, Chloe, Peaches: [All gasp.] Oh...My...God!
Chelsea: You want to steal Scarlett Johansson?
Kelly: You are so blonde, Chelsea.

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Tamara Drewe: So, who are your influences?
Ben Sergeant: Everyone asks that. I mean, what do you want me to say? Phil Collins? Animal from The Muppets?

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Phyl Moore: Are you a cinema goer?
Catrin Cole: Yes.
Phyl Moore: Then you'll be familiar with informationals. We sandwich them between the support and the main features so the public to be informed don't have time to escape.

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