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George: If one is not enjoying one's present, there isn't a great deal to suggest that the future should be any better.

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April Epner: Your wife was seeing someone else?
Frank: Pretty much everyone else. I was too much for her.
April Epner: Your wife? I'm sure she didn't feel that way.
Frank: She told me.
April Epner: What did she say?
Frank: 'You're too much for me.'.
April Epner: Ugh.

Frank: Why are you talking so fast?
April Epner: Because I don't think Jimmy Ray should know that I'm here.
Frank: Well if we're going to be family he should probably know he didn't just dream you up half-naked in his house and besides he knows you're here.
April Epner: No he doesn't! I was very careful to wait until he was a safe distance away.
Jimmy Ray: Hi, Ms. Epner.
April Epner: Hi, Jimmy Ray.

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Bill Haydon: You really are a poison dwarf, Toby. Why don't you fuck off to his majesty and stop trying to involve me in your little cabaret.

Bill Haydon: I thought I'd pop down and catch a glimpse at the new girl before Bland gets to her.
Peter Guillam: Ah, yes, Belinda the Blonde.

Bill Haydon: As I said, you may fuck me but you still have to call me "Sir" in the morning.

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Valmont: You want me to seduce a little girl, who has seen nothing, who knows nothing, who'll probably flop on her back out of simple curiosity? You don't need me for that. Anyone can do that.

Valmont: Do you think a man can change?
Mertuil: Yes, for the worse.

Valmont: You are confusing bets and marriages, madame. One must always honor a bet.

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Henry Dashwood: I think I owe you a rather large apology.
Libby Reynolds: Do you think I've waited 17 years for an apology?

Glynnis Payne: Darling, darling, all I'm saying is before we let this hypothetical daughter blow your political career out of the water, we might at least consider doing some checking up on her.
Henry Dashwood: Now, checking up for what?
Glynnis Payne: I don't know... criminal record, blood type, triple sixes on her skull.
Henry Dashwood: Glynnis, she has a birth certificate, she has my photograph and she has my eyes.

Henry Dashwood: Alistair, you've lied to me, I know you lied to Libby, so you'll forgive me if I don't give a flying fart in space what you think.

Henry Dashwood: You like Co-co Puffs?
Daphne Reynolds: It's chocolate! Need I say more?

Henry Dashwood: I'm not explaining this very well, am I?
Daphne Reynolds: No, not really. But I'm having fun watching you try.

Henry Dashwood: For me, it's just a stop on the campaign trail, and for Glynnis it's a chance to launch Clarissa on society.
Daphne Reynolds: Launch her? You make her sound like a ship.
Henry Dashwood: No, in Clarissa's case it's more like an intercontinental ballistic missile.

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