Quotes from Skandar Keynes movies and TV shows

King Miraz: Well then, Prince Edmund...
Edmund Pevensie: It's King, actually.
King Miraz: I beg your pardon?
Edmund Pevensie: It's King Edmund. Just King though. Peter's the High King. [Awkward pause.] I know, it's confusing.

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Susan Pevensie: Besides, we could all use the fresh air.
Edmund Pevensie: It's not like there isn't air inside.

[The horse Edmund rides rears up.]
Edmund Pevensie: Whoa, Horsey! Whoa!
Horse: My name is Philip.

Jadis: Tell me, Edmund, are your sisters deaf?
Edmund Pevensie: No...
Jadis: And your brother, is he...unintelligent?
Edmund: Well...I think so. But Mother says...

Lucy Pevensie: It's all right! I'm back, I'm all right!
Edmund Pevensie: Shh, he's coming!
Peter Pevensie: I don't think you two have quite got the idea of this game.
Lucy Pevensie: But weren't you wondering where I was?
Edmund Pevensie: That's the point. That's why he was seeking you!
Susan Pevensie: [Coming out of her hiding place.] Does this mean I win?
Peter Pevensie: I don't think Lucy wants to play anymore.
Lucy Pevensie: But...I've been gone for hours.

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Edmund Pevensie: Squirt? I'm a king.
Lucy Pevensie: Not in this world.

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