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Flynn Carsen: So, you knew the pirate Lafitte?
Simone Renoir: Light-weight when it came to rum. Not so tough passed out in his poofy shirt.

Simone Renoir: You did it, Flynn. You killed the vampire who made me. My soul can be at rest now. I can be at peace.
Flynn Carsen: Rest? What, you mean die? No, no, no, no, no. I already thought I lost you once. I'm not gonna go through that again.
Simone Renoir: It's all right, Flynn. I want this. I've lived long enough. I've made every day count.

Flynn Carsen: I haven't had this much fun in a long time.
Simone Renoir: You asked for a vacation, I bring you a vacation.
Flynn Carsen: Next time without the gunfire and the running.
Simone Renoir: Oh, still complaining?

Simone Renoir: My destiny took my love away from me.

Flynn Carsen: How old are you?
Simone Renoir: Americans. To ask a lady such a question... I am 403 years old.

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Lois Lane: You don’t want people to know that we are together, but at the same time you won’t even let another guy talk to me. Seriously, it’s like I’m going out with my own stalker.

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Lois Lane: You do know he flies fast, right?
Thug: We'll take our chances.

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Lois Lane: So what do you want?
Clark Kent: ...Marry me.

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