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Porter Black: Good afternoon, graduates, dead poets, painters, future Einsteins, and all those in between. Today I'm here to warn you, that you are being lied to. Our parents, our teachers, our doctors, have lied to us. And it's the exact same lie. The same six words, "Everything is going to be okay."

Porter Black: Growing up, I wanted to be just like you. As I got older, all I wanted to be was anybody else.
Walter Black: I know.

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Max: You ate Travis. You ate my brother.
Evelyn: Half brother, Max.

Max: She's back, she's dead, and she thinks we're still dating.

Travis: I think this is expired.
Max: Twinkies don't expire.
Travis: Yeah they do. Every 4 weeks.
Max: Really?
Travis: Then they get good again.

Evelyn: Can't we just go back to the way things were?
Max: You're dead to me.

Max: I'll let Evelyn eat me, turn me into one of the living dead, and we can rot unhappily ever after.

Evelyn: You broke my heart.
Max: I know, but it's not beating anymore.

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Charlie Bartlett: How's that going for you?
Principal Nathan Gardner: Some days are better than others.
Charlie Bartlett: Do you wanna talk about it sometime?

Charlie Bartlett: Oh, trust me, Doc, bringing psychiatric drugs and teenagers together is like opening a lemonade stand in the desert.

Dr. Stan Weathers: You don't feel normal?
Charlie Bartlett: My family has a psychiatrist on call. How normal can I be?

Charlie Bartlett: Well, duh, dude, this place sucks, but I just worry that one day we're gonna look back at high school and wish we'd done something different.

Susan Gardner: What's the deal with your father?
Charlie Bartlett: Does that really have to be the next question?
Susan Gardner: Yes. The harder the question, the greater the reward.
Charlie Bartlett: He's in prison. My Mom went into a pretty bad depression when he got arrested. So, uh, when he was out on bail he took me out for ice cream. He told me I had to take care of her. So, I promised him I would. And um, I've been taking care of her ever since.
Susan Gardner: So who takes care of you?

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Jacob: I don't feel like I'm part of your life. I feel like I'm on vacation.

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Odd Thomas: A part of me knew, from the moment I saw her behind the ice cream counter, but the truth hurt too much to accept. Her death would have been one wound too many that day, and I think I would have let go of this life.

Chief Wyatt Porter: I can't hold him.
Odd Thomas: All right, well, you do agree that he's strange and suspicious, right?
Chief Wyatt Porter: If strange and suspicious were enough to put someone in jail, you'd already be there.

Harlo Landerson: Whoa! Hey, hey. Come on, man. No touchy, no feely. Sorry, but I love this car.
Odd Thomas: I know. It's too bad a car can't love you back.

Odd Thomas: Have I ever told you you've got a lot of issues?
Stormy Llewellyn: I'm a woman. We all have issues. It's what keeps us interesting and you men interested.
Odd Thomas: Oh, yeah. It's what keeps us crazy and die younger.
Stormy Llewellyn: Do you love me?
Odd Thomas: I love you more than life itself.
Stormy Llewellyn: See? It's working.

Odd Thomas: There's something about a dead man trying to get a laugh that just bugs me. Perhaps because it suggests that, even in death, we still have a pathetic need to be liked - as well as the ever-present ability to humiliate ourselves.

Odd Thomas: I am not afraid of Death. Course, I'm not ready to go on a date with him, either.

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