Quotes from Rebecca Hall movies and TV shows

Robert Mallory: There have been other sightings. The boys believe.
Florence Cathcart: Boys believe in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy. I'm sure some of them even believe in God.

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Nick Halsey: You need to put up some curtains.
Samantha: Why? So I don't have some drunk staring at me all day?
Nick Halsey: No so you don't have to look at your future.

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Simon: Back then, everybody had a name. I was Simple Simon.
Robyn: Kids, kids are mean.
Simon: Kids are honest.

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Dr. Grace Hart: Shall we begin the autopsy? Dr. Grace Hart.
Watson: A woman doctor?
Holmes: Impossible. Fortunately we have a real doctor here.
Watson: Would you like some heroin?

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Tony Stark: Please don't tell me there's a 12-year-old kid waiting in the car that I've never met.
Maya Hansen: He's 13. No, I need your help.

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Elizabeth Marston: How are you going to learn anything at all about life if you refuse to live it?

Elizabeth Marston: He respects me. He loves me. And he's never boring.

Elizabeth Marston: If it is the same work then why can I not receive a PhD from Harvard? Because I have a vagina?

Elizabeth Marston: When are you going to stop justifying the whims of your cock with science?

Elizabeth Marston: Will you stop apologizing? Do you know how many times a minute you apologize?
Olive Byrne: Sorry.

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Claire Keesey: Did you say your name was Jim or Gem?
James Coughlin: Well, huh, it's kinda both. The teachers use to always say, "Here take this one. He's a gem."

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Will Caster: I need you to wait here.
Evelyn Caster: What? Where are you going?
Will Caster: Everywhere.

Joseph Tagger: Will?
Will Caster: You surprised to see me, Joseph?
Joseph Tagger: Um... That depends.
Will Caster: On what?
Joseph Tagger: Can you prove you're self-aware?
Will Caster: That's a difficult question, Dr. Tagger. Can you prove that you are?
Evelyn Caster: Well, he certainly hasn't lost his sense of humor.

Max Waters: I spent my life trying to reduce the brain to a series of electrical impulses. I failed. Human emotion, it can contain illogical conflict. Can love someone, and yet hate the things that they've done. Machine can't reconcile that.
Evelyn Caster: Can you?
Max Waters: Yes.

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Juan Antonio: Well, now that the day's almost over, is it reasonable of me to ask you if you'll both join me in my room?
Vicky: Oh, come on, I thought we'd settled that.
Cristina: Vicky's just trying to say that she's engaged to be married, that's all.
Juan Antonio: Great. Then these are her last days of freedom.
Vicky: No. Look, I'm not free. I'm committed. You know what my theory is? And when I drink, I get brutally frank. I think that you're still hurting from the failure of your marriage to Maria Elena, and you're trying to lose yourself in empty sex.
Juan Antonio: Empty sex? Do you have such a low opinion of yourself?

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