Quotes from Jim Sturgess movies and TV shows

Lucy: I would lay in front of a tank if it would bring Max back and end this war.
Jude: Yeah, it wouldn't.

Jude: Where are we going?
Lucy: We're going out of our minds.

Jude: Where are we going?
Lucy: Out of our minds.
Jude: Where are you taking me?
Lucy: Down the rabbit hole.
Jude: But I wanted to feed the cows.

Lucy: Your girlfriend didn't look too happy about us leaving together.
Jude: She - she's not my girlfriend. Well, you know, she's a friend... who's a girl.

Jude: Where'd you come from?
Prudence: Nowhere.
Jude: And before nowhere?
Prudence: Ohio.

Lucy: We're in the middle of a revolution Jude. And what are you doing? Doodles and cartoons?
Jude: Well I'm sorry I'm not the man with the mega-phone, but this is what I do.

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Kludd: You had a head start.
Soren: No I didn't.
Kludd: Yeah, you did.

Gylfie: Soren, we did it.
Soren: Yeah. Yeah, I guess we did. I just hope Allomere finds the owlets.
Ezylryb: Oh, to be a young owl with a taste for adventure, arriving at The Tree for the first time. Well done to hold your own in there. Some more nice strong gizzards. The Tree always needs them.
Soren: He is one strange owl.
Gylfie: I think he might be missing a few talons.
Otulissa: And a good bath. Gross old owl.

Grimble: Then you're gonna need to fly a long way to get to the Guardians.
Soren: You mean they're real?
Grimble: Oh, they're real all right.

Kludd: You have a soft head, Soren. Filled with stories, and dreams.
Soren: There's nothing wrong with dreams.

Soren: I'm not letting you hurt one more soul.
Metalbeak: Oh, you're not letting me. Oh, what a pity to waste such a strong, young, and confident Tyto.

Marella: We're so proud of you.
Soren: Da, the stories. They're real.
Noctus: You made them real, Soren.

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Dexter: If I could give you just one gift, do you know what it would be? Confidence. That or a scented candle.

Emma: I didn't mean to call your dad a fascist.
Dexter: A bourgeois fascist.
Emma: Yeah, I'm sorry.

Emma: Your wedding invitations are scented?
Dexter: Lavender.
Emma: No, Dex, money. They smell of money.

Dexter: Come on, everyone's lost at 25.

Dexter: I'd still like to read that poetry. What rhymes with Dexter?
Emma: Prick. It's a half rhyme.

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George Boleyn: It's embarrassing.
Anne Boleyn: Look, she has her eye on you. Sweet Jane Parker would be a match to please our father.
George Boleyn: Ugh, vile girl, she's the most ambitious little servant in court.
Anne Boleyn: She can't stop watching.

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Edward Newgate: You're mad!
Silas Lamb: We're all mad Dr. Newgate. Some are simply not mad enough to admit it.

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Adam: Up-top, they always win, And down-below, we always fail.

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