Quotes from Eva Green movies and TV shows

Artemisia: I am a woman, and I am a Greek. But my heart is Persian.

Artemisia: You fight much harder than you fuck.

Artemisia: I am a woman, and I am a Greek. But my heart is Persian.

Artemisia: Steel and flesh... Life and death... War.

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Angelique Bouchard: I'm going to make an offer to you, Barnabas. My last. You can join me by my side and we can run Collinsport together as partners, and lovers... Or I'll put you back in the box.
Barnabas Collins: I have already prepared my counter-proposal. It reads thusly: You may strategically place your wonderful lips upon my posterior and kiss it repeatedly!

Barnabas Collins: You locked me in a box, for over two hundred years!
Angelique Bouchard: Don't exaggerate, it was only a hundred and ninety-six.

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Isabelle: If shit could shit it could smell just like Jacques.

Isabelle: This is a test.

Isabelle: Oh, how sweet of you Matthew to keep my image next to your heart.

Matthew: I thought you had many lovers. I mean when I saw you for the first time, at the Cinématheque, you and Theo, you looked so cool, so sophisticated. Like a movie star.
Isabelle: I was. I was acting, Matthew.

Isabelle: Name a film where someone tap dancing drives someone else crazy.
Matthew: Oh, I know this.
Isabelle: Come on! Quick! Quick.
Matthew: Top Hat! Top Hat! Fred Astaire's dancing over Ginger Roger's room. And she's mad because he wakes her up. I'm right.

Theo: Papa's full of shit.
Matthew: I think you're lucky. Um, I wish my parents were that nice.
Isabelle: Other people's parents are always nicer than our own, and yet for some reason, our own grandparents are always nicer than other people's.

Isabelle: I entered this world on the Champs-Elysees, 1959. La trottoir du Champs Elysees. And do you know what my very first words were? New York Herald Tribune! New York Herald Tribune.

Isabelle: We do love you very much.
Matthew: I don't want to be loved very much, I just want to be loved.

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Dr. Earlle: Building trust takes time. All structure must start with foundation, and communication is the cornerstone of foundation.
Emilia: Amen.

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Ava Lord: You've made me a very rich woman.

Ava Lord: I own Sin City.

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