Quotes from Frankie Muniz movies and TV shows

Cody Banks: What was my mission again?
Natalie Connors: I think you were going to kiss me.

Natalie Connors: You know, Cody you make a really bad first impression and a terrible second impression but the third time was really good.
Cody Banks: You gotta see my fourth.

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Sergeant Roberta Warren: I really hate sharks.
Nova Clarke: Yeah. You and me both.
Lucas Stevens: Could be worse. Could be zombies.

Lucas Stevens: One of my computer-modeled scenarios was a large low-pressure cell with multiple sharknadoes. If enough of them merge, the whole storm will start to rotate.
Nova Clarke: Merging sharknadoes?
Lucas Stevens: Sharkicane.
General Gottleib: Can there be such a thing?
Lucas Stevens: I could be wrong. Bio meteorology is not really an exact science yet.

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