Quotes from Lou Costello movies and TV shows

Wilbur: You can have Sandra but make sure you get plenty of bandages.

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Bud Alexander: I'll have the lambchop luncheon.
Lou Francis: Um, I know what I want. Spaghetti.
Tommy Nelson: And a steak.
Waiter: [to Lou.] What do you want?
Lou Francis: Spaghetti.
Tommy Nelson: And a steak.
Waiter: [to Lou.] You said you knew what you wanted. Do you want spaghetti or steak.
Lou Francis: I'll have a spaghetti.
[Then Lou immediately raises his hand to signal Tommy not to speak.]
Lou Francis: [to the waiter.] And a steak.

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Slicker Smith: Throw your chest out! Go on! Throw your chest out.
Herbie Brown: I'm not through with it yet.
Slicker Smith: Quiet.

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Blackie Benson: Heathcliff! Where are you taking that torpedo?
Heathcliff: I'm not taking it, it's takin' me.

Heathcliff: I gotta go home, I forgot something.
Blackie Benson: What'd you forget?
Heathcliff: I forgot to stay there.

Blackie Benson: No, you don't want to drink. Remember, every time you go into a barroom, the Devil goes in with you.
Heathcliff: If he does, he buys his own drink.

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