Jeffrey Combs

Quotes from Jeffrey Combs movies and TV shows

John Reilly: I didn't kill her, I fucked her, Okay?

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Crawford Tillinghast: It ate him... bit off his head... like a gingerbread man.

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Dan Cain: He's dead?
Herbert West: Not anymore.

Swiss Woman Doctor: You killed him.
Herbert West: No, I did not. I gave him life.

Herbert West: I know your work, Dr. Hill. Quite well. Your theory on the location of the will in the brain is... interesting. Though derivative of Dr. Gruber's research in the early 70s. So derivative in fact in Europe it's considered plagiarized.

Herbert West: Who's going to believe a talking head? Get a job in a sideshow.

Herbert West: Meatball?
Dan Cain: Just put your shoes on.

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