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Vic Mackey: Put your clothes on, get out of here, and change your taste in men.

Vic Mackey: I don't speak ebonics, shithead.

Taylor: Are you gonna hold this third strike over me for the rest of my life?
Vic Mackey: I could lie to you. But I have far too much respect for you as a person. Yes I am.

Shane Vendrell: Can I get your autograph, man?
Vic Mackey: Yeah, like on a confession?

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Arnie Fromson: You can't do this. You can't abuse yourself.
John Belushi: Look, I don't pay you to be my best friend. I don't ask you what you do after six o'clock, don't ASK ME! nobody tells ME what to DO.
Arnie Fromson: You can't tell me what to do with you either. I'm not talking about business now, John. I'm talking about your life.

Bob Woodward: Why didn't you go home, John? Why did you kill yourself?
John Belushi: Vietnam, man.
Bob Woodward: You never served.
John Belushi: Society fucked me over, like Lenny Bruce.
Bob Woodward: Lenny Bruce? John, you were a living legend! Your friend Dan Ayrkoyd called you "America's guest." Come on, what was the real reason?
John Belushi: I have no idea.
Bob Woodward: What was it? Why did you do it?
John Belushi: Because I needed IT! because IT'S mine.

John Belushi: I'm only 33 years old. I just had my birthday.
Angel Velasquez: That's right. And you are officially deceased.
John Belushi: Why am I dead?
Angel Velasquez: 'Cause you're stupid. Next question.
John Belushi: Where are we going?
Angel Velasquez: We're going for a ride, Hemo.

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