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Dylan: Breasts.
Jamie: Really? I think they're so tiny.
Dylan: They're still breasts.
Jamie: Thank you!

Dylan: Why do women think the only way to get men to do what they want is to manipulate them?
Jamie: History, personal experience, romantic comedies.

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Philippe Weis: For a few to be immortal, many must die.
Will Salas: Wrong!

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Richie Furst: You really saw me coming, didn't you? The cars, the boats, the money, everything. You handpicked me, and you slow-played it perfectly.
Ivan Block: What did you expect me to do, Richie? Walk into my party, accuse me of cheating in front of all my friends. I can't let that go by. That's the problem with your generation. You guys sat around with your vintage T-shirts and your participation medal, and you never did anything.

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Sean Parker: We lived in farms, then we lived in cities, and now we're gonna live on the internet.

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Branch: You don't get sarcasm, do you?
Cooper: I think I had a sarcasm once.

Branch: I don't trust him. Who wears socks with no shoes?

King Gristle: And what might your name be?
Bridget: Uhh...
Biggie: Lady!
Guy Diamond: Glitter!
Smidge: Sparkles!
Branch: Seriously?
Bridget: Lady Glitter Sparkles Seriously.

Branch: My name is Branch and I am a troll. Why do I live in a heavily fortified survival bunker? Because right outside my door lurks a nightmare named Poppy. Poppy is the leader of the trolls, and it's not her fault she's so insanely happy. She's just never faced a real problem until now.

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