Quotes from Hayden Panettiere movies and TV shows

Kate: There has to be another way for us to get to Jasper.
Marcel: Another way... another way... always another way... what am i... a travel agent?

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Britney: What audition?
Jesse: The Rihanna TV special.
Kirresha: We need them computers.
Britney: Great. You can visit my website, cheerwhore.com.

Amber: We're really going to miss you, Britney. imya.
Brianna: I miss you already too.
Britney: Oh, guys, I'm gonna mysm.
Sierra: D-A-M-N.
Brianna: Sierra, you're not speaking IM. You're just spelling.
Sierra: Oh. Well then, S-H-I-T.

Amber: So now you call me?
Britney: I know, I know. But I have dirt.
Amber: Spill.
Britney: I kissed another guy tonight.
Amber: Who? Where?

Britney: Jesse, I want you to know I broke up with Brad the night of the dance.
Jesse: Really? I'd be more impressed if you broke up with him the night we kissed.
Britney: I-I just couldn't let go of my old life. The closer I got to you, the less important it all seemed.
Jesse: Well what's important to you now?
Britney: I could show you better than I can tell you.

Britney: What are you guys doing here?
Winnie: We came to see you, liar.
Amber: Why Britney? We tell each other everything.
Sierra: You said you'd never cheer again.
Britney: I know Sierra, but it was so hard.
Sierra: Like 7th grade English hard?
Britney: Harder.

Sierra: If you leave, who's gonna help me remember my locker combination?
Britney: Oh, Sierra. It's your birthday.
Sierra: My birthday is April.
Britney: Sweetie, your combination is the digits of your birthday.
Sierra: Oh! What are digits?

Tim Allen: I said we are all moving to Crenshaw Heights.
Britney: Are you insane?

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Denis Cooverman: I'm sorry I'm so pathetic.
Beth Cooper: Let me tell you something. All boys are pathetic.
Denis Cooverman: Well, then I apologize on behalf of all boys. And sorry for all the wars and stuff.
Beth Cooper: You're funny.

Beth Cooper: You embarrassed me.
Denis Cooverman: Uh...
Beth Cooper: But it was so sweet, I'll have to let you live.

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Helen Harris: Pastor Dan just asked me out.
Audrey Davis: That is so weird.
Pastor Dan Parker: I can hear you. I'm still here. Go inside and do that.

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Maddie Dolan: How many elementary schools did I go to?
Cmdr. Dolan: Four.
Maddie Dolan: Five.

Maddie Dolan: I mean, think of it. Brat. A spoiled, mischevious, ill-mannered child.
Tina: You actually looked it up.
Maddie Dolan: How would you feel going through your life known as that?

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