Quotes from Angela Lansbury movies and TV shows

Charlie Rawlins: Ref, are you blind?
Miss Price: Be quiet, Charles. Don't forget who the referee is.

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Sarah Lee Gates: Now that Chadwick's home, I'm sure he's got all that foolishness out of his system, after the war.
Fred Gates: Sarah Lee, how many times do I have to tell you, he was not in a war.
Sarah Lee Gates: I know you're right, Daddy, but if I don't tell myself there was a war, I have a most depressive feeling Chadwick's just wasted two years.

Sarah Lee Gates: Chadwick think of who you are. Remember you come from a fine family.
Chad Gates: You'll do enough remembering for both of us, ma.
Sarah Lee Gates: Oh Daddy, what did we do wrong?
Fred Gates: Offhand I'd say we got married.

Chad Gates: I like my job, mum. It's fun, it's interesting and I meet a lot of nice people.
Sarah Lee Gates: Nonsense. Tourists aren't people. They're... They're tourists.

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Princess Gwendolyn: Marry Griswold? Never.
King Roderick: What was that?
Princess Gwendolyn: He's a brute and a lout.
King Roderick: Brute or not, lout or not, if it pleases me you will marry Griswold.
Princess Gwendolyn: If it pleases you so much, you marry Griswold.

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Teresh: Out of the strong came forth sweetness? Hah! The fruit of the date palm! The tree is strong, and the fruit is sweet.
Semadar: Teresh, what on earth you feed date palms to make them eaters?

Samson: What is sweeter than honey?
Semadar: What is stronger than a lion?

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