Quotes from Ryan O'Neal movies and TV shows

The Detective: A friend of yours told me where to find you in the middle of the day.
The Driver: I don't have any friends.
The Detective: That's right. No friends. No steady job. No girlfriend. You live real cheap, you never ask any questions... boy, you got it down real tight. So tight that there's no room for anything else. And that's a real sad song. Only trouble is, eh, sad songs ain't sellin' this year. Maybe I'm your friend.

The Detective: I really like chasing you.
The Driver: Sounds like you got a problem.

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Steve Arlo: He can elicit a confession from a criminal without their realizing they're being questioned.
Gregory Stark: How does he do it?
Steve Arlo: He has a deeply nuanced and thoroughly functional understanding of human behavior to rival the great psychoanalytical minds of our time. He understands the criminal mind as well as the innocent mind, the stable mind as well as the psychotic, sociopathic mind. The male, as well as the female.

Gregory Stark: You can't buy silence. You can only rent it. So if someone has something on you, they are always going to have it. So the cost has no ceiling. And the fear has no end to it. That's why some knowledge, some information is like a terminal disease. It's contagious and it's fatal.

Gregory Stark: Is this your kid?
Steve Arlo: Nope. Just a rental.

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