Quotes from Eric Roberts movies and TV shows

Alex Grady: It's late Tommy.
Tommy Lee: Dae Han is training just as hard.
Alex Grady: Yeah, but even Dae Han get sleep.
Tommy Lee: Are you sure about that?

Alex Grady: Tommy! No! Coach! Coach! He's gonna kill him.

Tommy Lee: I wanna kill that son of a bitch.
Alex Grady: Then kill that son of a bitch.
Tommy Lee: Alex! I'm afraid.

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Master/Bruce: I need the Doctor's body.
Miranda: Sense of humor, no more snoring... You don't need a doctor. Come back to bed, honey.
Master/Bruce: My name is not Honey.
Miranda: Oh well, what would you like me to call you then?
Master/Bruce: Master will do.
Miranda: Well, come back to bed, Master.

The Doctor: You want dominion over the living, but all you do is kill.
The Master: Life is wasted on the living.

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Mifune: Did it all go as planned?
Jack: Well, I would have preferred not to have been shot in the face, but all ended as planned.

Jack: How the hell are you?
Dominic: Oh, you look pretty good for a dead man Jack.
Jack: You know Dom, knowing you're dead can be a very liberating experience.

Jack: Time is of the absolute essence. And it's the only thing you can never get back.

Jack: Well you know, taking money from this organization and leaving them alive makes for a very shady future.
Dominic: You fucking ingrate.
Jack: Dominic, don't hurt my feelings.

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Paulie: Nicky don't go for spit. 'Nose' still shines his own shoes, pop. I don't call that success.
Paulie's Father: Oh yeah? And what do you call it?
Paulie: Knowin' how to spend it. I never ordered a Brandy in my life that wasn't Cordon Bleu... I took two-hundred from shylocks, pop, to see Sinatra at the Garden? Sat two seats away from Tony Bennett. That's success.

Paulie: Murder rap? Nobody came within twenty feet of that yo-yo. He dived into that hole like a fucking gopher.

Paulie: Cut that out you Argentine degenerate! That's my brother's place your robbin' there. This ain't some filthy little jail in Caracas, this is A-mer-i-ca.

Paulie: The cop shit his pants! Hey, hey, the cop shit his pants.

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