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Deputy Sheriff Sulo: I didn't hear them myself. There were tourists from Ohio in the park and they heard them and told me about it the next day.
Mitch Lodwick: Your honour! This testimony is incompetent, hearsay, irrelevant, immaterial, inconclusive.
Paul Biegler: Well, that's too much for me. The witness is yours, Mr. Lodwick.

Paul Biegler: If you do that one more time, I'll punch you all the way out into the middle of Lake Superior.

Paul Biegler: Look, Laura, believe me, I don't usually complain of an attractive jiggle, but just you save that jiggle for your husband to look at, if and when I get him out of jail.

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Jeremy Baile: Good country, Glyn.
Glyn McLyntock: Yeah, real good country.
Jeremy Baile: Let's hope we can keep it this way. Missouri and Kansas was like this when I first saw 'em... good, clean. It was the men who came in to steal and kill that changed things. We mustn't let it happen here.

Glyn McLyntock: Always point this (the wagon tongue) toward the North Star. Then come morning, we'll know where we're going.

Tom Hendricks: I got a job for you... arrow wound.
Cap'n Mello: Where about?
Glyn McLyntock: Right up here (points to shoulder). Part of the head is still in it.
Cap'n Mello: Well, if you can point to it, it ain't serious. Just leave it alone, it will fall out by itself in time.

Shorty: The law won't let you get away with this.
Glyn McLyntock: What law?

Jeremy Baile: I don't like that man Cole.
Glyn McLyntock: Why not?
Jeremy Baile: I heard Grundy say he was a raider on the Missouri border.
Glyn McLyntock: Well, lots of people used to raid along the border.
Jeremy Baile: That kind can't change. When an apple's rotten, there's nothing you can do except throw it away or it will spoil the whole barrel.
Glyn McLyntock: Well, there's a difference between men and apples.

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Geronimo: Why are you here in our mountains?
Tom Jeffords: I look for gold and silver.
Geronimo: For what?
Tom Jeffords: For 'yellow iron.'.

Cochise: You should always wipe your hands on your arm after eating, tall one. The grease is good for them.
Tom Jeffords: Ah, among the white men, we wash it off.
Cochise: What a waste.

Gen. Oliver 'The Christian General' Howard: The Bible I read preaches brotherhood for all of God's children.
Tom Jeffords: Suppose their skins weren't white. Are they still God's children?
Gen. Oliver 'The Christian General' Howard: My Bible says nothing about the pigmentation of their skin.

Tom Jeffords: Now, I was told that Apache boys and girls often pick those that they want to marry. Well, how can they do that if they can't get acquainted?
Sonseeahray: Oh, they get acquainted. There are ways.
Tom Jeffords: What ways?
Sonseeahray: They meet by accident where no-one sees them. Like my mother could see me here with you.

Tom Jeffords: They found a pouch on one of the wounded men, and in the pouch were three Apache scalps. So they dug a pit in the ground and they rubbed his face with the juice of the mescal plant. And they made me watch the ants come.

Tom Jeffords: When the Indian wishes to signal his brother, he does so by smoke sign. This is the white man's signal. My brothers far away can look at this and understand my meaning. We call this mail. And the men who carry the mail are like the air that carries the Apache smoke signals.

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John O'Hanlan: Well, how much money does he need to get her liver fixed?
Jenny: Five hundred dollars.
John O'Hanlan: Five hundred dollars for a liver?
Jenny: That's what the big doctor in Chicago charges. And he's got all kinds of fancy letters in back of his name.
John O'Hanlan: I don't care what's in back of his name! Five hundred dollars - that's more than you have to pay for a good horse.

John O'Hanlan: You ever hear about what we do down in Texas to a man who beats up on a woman?
Corey Bannister: Suppose you tell me?
John O'Hanlan: We drag him through cactus.
Corey Bannister: No cactus around here.
John O'Hanlan: So I noticed.

Harley Sullivan: I thought you know me better than that, John, after all the years we rode together.
John O'Hanlan: Well, I guess it just goes to prove that you never really know a man until the chips are down and you need him the most.

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