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Artie Decker: I'm not going!
Diane Decker: You're going!
Artie Decker: That's what I meant.

Diane Decker: If they don't see you enough, they have to know you better before they don't like you.

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Bobbie Markowitz: Add it up. All the women around here are perfect sex-kitten bimbos. All the men are drooling nerds. Doesn't that seem strange?
Joanna Eberhart: Not to me.
Bobbie Markowitz: Why not?
Joanna Eberhart: I work in television.

Roger Bannister: She's drunk.
Bobbie Markowitz: She's blonde.

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Lilly Leonard: You know what the twenties are for? Having sex with all the wrong people. Not to get married.

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