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Barabbas: Darkness... I give myself up... into your keeping. It is... Barabbas.

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Craig Belden: You're leavin' on the next train. I own the sheriff! I own this town! I own every man in it! You're leavin' on the next train, Matt.
Marshal Matt Morgan: All right, Craig. The last train leaves at 9:00. I'll be on it... but there'll be two men with me, and one of them'll have a cut on his cheek.

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T.E. Lawrence: The Law says the man must die... If he dies, would that content the Howitat?
Auda abu Tayi: Yes.
T.E. Lawrence: Sherif Ali. If none of lord Auda's men harms any of yours, will that content the Harith?
Sherif Ali: Yes.
T.E. Lawrence: Then I will execute the Law. I have no tribe and no-one is offended.

Auda abu Tayi: The desert has dried up more blood than you can think of.

Auda abu Tayi: What ails the Englishman?
Sherif Ali: The one he killed is the one he brought out of the Nafud.
Auda abu Tayi: It was written then. Better to have left him there.

Auda abu Tayi: It is Auda of the Howitat who speaks.
Sherif Ali: It is Ali of the Harith who answers.
Auda abu Tayi: Harith! Ali, does your father still steal?
Sherif Ali: No. Does Auda take me for one of his own bastards?
Auda abu Tayi: No, there is no resemblance. Alas, you resemble your father.
Sherif Ali: Auda flatters me.
Auda abu Tayi: You're easily flattered. I knew your father well.
Sherif Ali: Did you know your own?

Auda abu Tayi: Thine mother mated with a scorpion.

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Paul Gauguin: With all your talk of emotion, all I see when I look at your work is just that you paint too fast.
Vincent Van Gogh: You look too fast.

Paul Gauguin: I like 'em fat and vicious and not too smart. Nothing spiritual either. To have to say 'I love you' would break my teeth. I don't want to be loved.

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George Faber: Were you permitted to practice your ministry as a priest?
Kiril Lakota: No, I - I practiced it without permission among my fellow prisoners.
George Faber: Do you see any hope then for the day when Christian faith, or more specifically the Roman Catholic faith, may be practiced freely in Marxist countries?
Kiril Lakota: I have no inside information as to how the Kingdom of God is going to be established.

Dr. Ruth Faber: We're all in prison one way or another.
Kiril Lakota: Yes, and those who understand it, suffer most of all.

Kiril Lakota: There is only one area to search. And if love is mislaid, where did you see it last? And if you can't remember, maybe there was no love in the first place.
Dr. Ruth Faber: Oh, there was.
Kiril Lakota: Then it is mislaid and you must find it.

Kiril Lakota: Though I speak with the tongues of men and angels, and not charity, I am become a sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal. Though I have all faith so that I could remove mountains and have not charity, I am nothing.

Kiril Lakota: Mr. Chairman, what is your revolution built on? What is Russia's revolution built on? One man who spent most of his life in the British Museum who is buried in a tiny cemetery in England. Karl Marx never carried a gun, he was never fought on the barricades. All he had was words, words and an idea, which in 60 years has changed the face of the earth.

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Don Pedro Aragon: Talking between men and women never solves anything. Where we think, they feel. They are creatures of the heart.

Don Pedro Aragon: Newlyweds. What else do they do but make love and war?

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