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Nick Fury: Looks like you're giving the orders now, Captain.
Steve Rogers: Damn right!

Steve Rogers: This isn't freedom. This is fear.

Natasha Romanoff: Kiss me.
Steve Rogers: What?
Natasha Romanoff: Public displays of affection make people uncomfortable.
Steve Rogers: Yeah, they do.


Steve Rogers: Bucky?
Winter Soldier: Who the hell is Bucky?

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Johnny Storm: [to the Thing.] Where are your ears?

Ben Grimm: No more cracks about how I look.
Johnny Storm: Hey, call me Mr. Sensitivity. Everybody out of the way! Wide load coming through! He's huge!

Susan Storm: You were at 4,000° Kelvin! You were approaching supernova!
Johnny Storm: Sweet!
Susan Storm: No, not "sweet"! That's the heat of the sun!
Reed Richards: You could kill yourself, other people, and burn up the atmosphere, ending all human life as we know it.
Johnny Storm: Got it. Supernova bad.

Reed Richards: Seriously, watch this.
[He oozes his arm underneath the door in a liquidlike manner and unlocks it on the other side.]
Johnny Storm: That's gross.

[Nurse takes Johnny Storm's temperature.]
Nurse: You're hot!
Johnny Storm: Why, thank you. So are you.

Susan Storm: You don't want to walk around on fire for the rest of your life, do you?
Johnny Storm: Is that a trick question?

Johnny Storm: Flame on!

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Johnny Storm: Are you building that thing?
Reed Richards: No, it...
Johnny Storm: If Sue finds out, you're gonna get an invisible kick in the nuts.

Johnny Storm: Flame on!

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Frank Adler: We've discussed this ad nauseum.
Mary Adler: What's ad nauseum?
Frank Adler: Oh, you don't know? Well, looks like someone needs school.

Frank Adler: This is gonna be fun. You're gonna meet kids today you can borrow money from the rest of your life.

Evelyn: Midlife crisis, apparently.
Frank Adler: He's 70.
Evelyn: I know. Must have been on time delay or something.

Frank Adler: Diane instructed me... that I was only to publish it postmortem.
Evelyn: She died six years ago.
Frank Adler: It wasn't her death she was talking about.

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Mr. Freezy: I only feel alone around other people. Couldn't be truer.

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Syd: Can I ask you something?
London: Yeah.
Syd: Do you love him?
London: I never that I was in love with him.
London: Syd? Its gonna be a really really long time before, you know, I fall in love with anybody the way that I was in love with you.

London: And your ego, your ego is just huge! It's out of fucking control.
Syd: Why are you freaking out? There's no need to freak out.
London: Syd, because you don't know when to stop. You keep going and going and going, until people just wanna smash your face in.

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