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Dr. Paul Moreau: You've been drinking for two straight days Montgomery. I suggest that you continue.

Dr. Paul Moreau: If one is to study nature, one must become as remorseless as nature. You should know that.
Montgomery: Who's next? Me?

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Jesus Raza: You know, of course, one of us must die.
Bill Dolworth: Maybe both of us.
Jesus Raza: To die for money... is foolish.
Bill Dolworth: To die for a woman is more foolish. Any woman. Even her.

Bill Dolworth: Nothing is for always. Except death. Ask Fierro. Ask Francisco. Ask those in the cemetery of nameless men.

Bill Dolworth: Men on that train are Colorados. Expert marksmen. Also expert at torture. Couple o' years ago they burned and looted a town of three thousand people. When they finished, forty were left. Fardan's wife was one o' the lucky forty. "Why're you a revolutionary?" they asked her. "To rid the world of scum like you," she said. They stripped her naked, ran 'er through the cactus 'til her flesh was - The other thirty-nine rebels watched her die, and - did nothing. Just watched.

Bill Dolworth: That's a lot of woman there. Beautiful, classy, and guts. Hard enough to kill ya and soft enough to change ya.

Bill Dolworth: The revolution? When the shooting stops, and the dead are buried, and the politicians take over, it all adds up to one thing: a lost cause.

Bill Dolworth: The cemetery of nameless men. We buried some fine friends there.
Rico: And some fine enemies.
Bill Dolworth: That was one hell of a fine battle. Out-numbered and out-gunned and still we held that pass.
Rico: Yeah, but who cares now... or even remembers?

Maria Grant: Raza says you and he were good friends.
Bill Dolworth: That's right.
Maria Grant: And yet you would have killed him.
Bill Dolworth: That's right.
Maria Grant: For money.
Bill Dolworth: That's right.

Bill Dolworth: We've been had, amigo.

Bill Dolworth: Do they know who took the woman?
Rico: Raza.
Bill Dolworth: Our Raza? A kidnapper?
Rico: Grant's got the ransom note to prove it.
Bill Dolworth: Well I'll be damned.
Rico: Most of us are.

Bill Dolworth: Rico, buddy. I don't deserve you.
Rico: I agree. I can understand you getting in a crap game and losing $700 you didn't have, but how'd you lose your pants?
Bill Dolworth: In a ladies bedroom, trying to raise the cash. Almost had it made, too. Do you realise that people are the only animals that make love face to face?

Jake Sharp: We could all do with a rest.
Hans Ehrengard: A shave would be a relief, too.
Jake Sharp: So would a bath.
Bill Dolworth: Might as well throw in a woman. Any size, any age, any color. Any woman.

Bill Dolworth: That Chiquita can lick a whole regiment, but can't dance a lick.

Bill Dolworth: What's the proposition?
Rico: You won't lose your pants. Your life maybe but, what's that?
Bill Dolworth: Hardly anything at all.

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Joe Bass: If God ever made two greater inventions than a pretty woman and a bottle of whiskey, I ain't heard of it.

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Mrs. Railton-Bell: Are you on the side of Mr. Malcolm and his defense of vice or are you on the side of the Christian virtues - like Mr. Fowler and myself?
John Malcolm: Never in my life have I heard a question so disgracefully begged. You should be in politics, Mrs. Railton-Bell.

Ann Shankland: I didn't mean any harm.
John Malcolm: That's when you do the most damage.
Ann Shankland: We all make mistakes.
John Malcolm: You specialize in them.

John Malcolm: You know something, Ann? No one I know of lies with such sincerity.

John Malcolm: Is this your year for looking up old husbands?
Ann Shankland: Only the special ones.

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