Quotes from Frank Sinatra movies and TV shows

Father Matthew Doonan: I'll bet you were a sweet little altar boy.
Harry: Weren't we all?

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Lieutenant Brannigan: What brings all these senior delinquents together?
Nathan Detroit: They got lonely. How am I supposed to know?
Lieutenant Brannigan: And why are they all wearing red carnations?
Nathan Detroit: They are also all wearing pants.

Miss Adelaide: And what was that about?
Nathan Detroit: His wife's having a baby.
Miss Adelaide: But why is he asking you?
Nathan Detroit: He's nervous, it's his first wife.

Nathan Detroit: As you can see, Big Jule, the boys are fatigued from weariness.
Big Jule: I don't care who's tired. I'm out 25 Gs. Nobody leaves.
Rusty Charlie: I am half dead.
Harry the Horse: If you do not shut up, Big Jule will arrange the other half.

Nathan Detroit: I have been running the crap game since I was a juvenile delinquent.
Miss Adelaide: Speaking of chronic conditions, happy anniversary.

Nathan Detroit: If a guy did not have a doll, who would holler on him?

Nathan Detroit: Would you not agree that Mindy's cheesecake is the best cheesecake alive?

Nathan Detroit: Still, you will admit that Mindy's cheesecake is the greatest alive.
Sky Masterson: Gladly. Furthermore, I am quite partial to Mindy's cheesecake.

Nathan Detroit: Everybody in the whole world who hates me is now here.

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Mike Connor: Liz, I know I'm not destiny's dream man but.
Liz Imbrie: Mike, I think I'd better grab you. You're likely to get in trouble one of these days.

George Kittredge: I have a feeling you had more to do with this than anybody. You and your whole rotten class.
C. K. Dexter-Haven: Oh class my.
Mike Connor: Grandmother.

Mike Connor: Hands up.
Tracy Lord: Oh it's you! Go away.
Mike Connor: Where are you going?
Tracy Lord: Some place and dance.
Mike Connor: But they're dancing in there.
Tracy Lord: I know but George is frowning at me and I can't dance when anyone frowns at me.

Mike Connor: This joint's full of spies.
Liz Imbrie: That should make us feel at home.

Mike Connor: Have you heard the story of a boy a girl, unrequited love?
C. K. Dexter-Haven: Sounds like pure soap opera.
Mike Connor: I may cry.
C. K. Dexter-Haven: Tune in tomorrow.

Mike Connor: I'm gonna dance.
C. K. Dexter-Haven: Don't get hurt.

Mike Connor: Oh Tracy, you're tremendous.
Tracy Lord: It's funny because I feel very small. Put me in your pocket, Mike.

Mike Connor: She can't be for real.
Liz Imbrie: Who was doing the interviewing?
Mike Connor: You think she was born that way?
Liz Imbrie: Nah. Takes years.

Liz Imbrie: Were you by any chance playing footsie with me at lunch?
Mike Connor: From where I sat?
Liz Imbrie: I didn't think your reach was that good. Seth Lord has a roving eye and foot.

Mike Connor: Didn't you once know a girl named Tracy Samantha Lord?
C. K. Dexter-Haven: Yes, I did.
Mike Connor: No, you didn't! If you did, you wouldn't have let her go.

Mike Connor: You know how I feel about my grandmother but I'd sell her for a drink.

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